Activities at the National and International Level


The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem supports many charitable organizations across the nation and throughout the world. Listed below are some of these worthy charities. We encourage all members to give generously of their time and resources to these causes through the annual contribution to the Jerusalem Mite, which supports our work in the Holy Land, and through your support of different charitable efforts of your local Priory or Commandery.

The Autonomous Grand Priory of the United States of America (Our National Organization) provides direct significant financial contributions to the following organizations:

Donations to Support Maintenance of Holy Land Sites, Hospitals, and Schools

  • The Franciscans in the Holy Land
  • The Augusta Victoria Hospital, operated by the Lutheran Diocese of Jerusalem
  • The Anglican Diocese (to support St. George Cathedral and School) in Jerusalem
  • The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate
  • The Armenian Patriarchate to maintain many of the Old Quarter sites
  • The International Orthodox Christian Charities

Priories, Commanderies and Preceptories have all provided donations to support these charities and many other local charities, such as the Fisher Houses that assist families of wounded combat veterans who are visiting those veterans. Their members have also provided many hours of labor to Habitat for Humanity projects across the country, and have supported international relief efforts with both donations and personal involvement of our medical professionals in Doctors Without Borders projects.

Significant donations have been provided to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Relief efforts by the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. Many members have offered space in their homes to those left homeless by these disasters.

Activities at the Priory Level


Liz Simmons received a Humanitarian Award at the Clara Barton Society Recognition Event held at the SC Governor's Mansion.
The award was presented by Paula Thayer (Red Cross), with Governor Nikki Haley and First Gentleman Michael Haley in attendance.

Al attended the Robert Burns Society of the Midlands "Ceilidh", today. Pictured with fellow Templar Ron Beaton.

A $2000 check from the Priory of St. Vincent is being offered to "Julie's House" an organization in Augusta, Georgia, the city where the most recent C&I was conducted by our Prior, Chevse. Loey Krause.

[L to R]
Ms. Pat Bourke of “Julie’s House” receiving our donation of $2000.
Her Excellency, Chevse. Loey Krause, Prior – Priory of St. Vincent
His Excellency, Chev. George Custodi, Deputy Grand Prior, Region III
Chev. Bob Krause, Chief of Protocol, Assistant Grand Sword Bearer, Preceptor of the Rock
Chev. Jim Jordan, PoSV Treasurer, and Preceptor of the Holy Chalice
His Excellency, Chev. Bob McClure

Participants in the Safe Water Walk:
Left of Right: Mary Griffin, Bill Griffin, Cathy Milejczak ( Walk Coordinator), Ed Farley, Bob Boorda, Jim Jordan, Dina Boorda, Al Sadowski.

The Columbia chapter of Safe Water has only been active for three years but the walk still collected almost $7,000. The walk was well organized and a good number of people participated.

There we a couple of folks that made a trip to Tanzania for the startup of one of the purification systems. They spoke of the appreciation the people displayed and the village leaders  expressed the realization the this was not just a gift of life but a life changer. The local village people are taught how to operate and maintain the system. It is a simple but effective system that will supply clean, purified water for years to come.

Hopefully, we will be able to participate again next year as this is a cause worth our attention.

Thanks to all

Bill Griffin
Preceptory of St. Christopher
Priory of St. Vincent,
Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem

Christmas 2015

The preceptory of St. Christopher attended Wreaths Across America at Fort Jackson Cemetery.

Tamassee DAR School Receive $10,000 Gift from the
Priory of St. Vincent and the Grand Priory of the US

On September 28, 2016, Bob, and I (and Coco) had the honor and privilege of presenting a donation on behalf of the Priory of St. Vincent and the Grand Priory of the US, of $10,000 to the Tamassee DAR School, located in Tamassee, South Carolina, along the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway 11. The funds represented a portion of the proceeds of the Grand Convent in Savannah, GA.

Left to right are Dot Lind, Vice President General, Daughters of the American Revolution; Diane Culbertson, South Carolina DAR State Regent and Chair of the Board of Directors, Tamassee DAR school, Lori Bailey, CEO and John Hunter Treasurer of the DAR School, Loey Krause, past Prior of the Priory of St Vincent and Chair of the Grand Convent 2016 committee, and Bob Krause, Priory of St Vincent and committee member, Grand Convent 2016 committee.

We are so glad to be able to provide this support for the Tamassee DAR School. The school serves children and families in crisis through residential, educational and outreach services. They take in children who cannot live with their families for reasons beyond their control, such as the “4 D’s” of death, drugs, divorce or desertion. Some children stay for a time while the family gets things straightened out, and some stay to age 18.

The children live in homes on campus with house parents and attend school at local public schools for elementary and high school or in the Tamassee Middle School Academy located campus.  When a residential child graduates from high school, the DAR School does all they can to help them get accepted to college and find scholarships to support their further education or to assist them as they transition into independent living.

The Priory of St. Vincent has given support to the DAR School previously, and several members of the priory contribute to the school privately and make donations to the Thrift Shop just across Highway 11 from the campus.

Child Advocacy Center

Members of the Preceptory of the Holy Chalice (Jim Jordan, George Custodi, and Tony Harris), representing the Priory of St. Vincent, present a $1000 check to the Child Advocacy Center, Executive Director Susan Meehan.  These opportunities to put member contributions to work is the happiest moments we all share.  The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) of Aiken was established in 2005 to provide a safe environment and supportive services which promote healing to abused children and their families through intervention, treatment and prevention.  The CAC is one of two charities selected and approved by Priory members during the March 2018 Vernal Convent in Aiken.

Matteo Fedeli Concert

An excellent concert was presented at the First Baptist Church, Mount Holly, NC on April 7th  by Maestro Matteo Fedeli and
accompanist Ms. Carol Cook. Among the selections performed, were notable compositions by:
J. Williams, Mozart and Paganini

The Priory of St. Vincent received a lot of, much deserved, positive press for sponsoring the event.  Approximately 175 people
attended the concert at the Church.


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